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Student Corner - Board of Education


What is the Board of Education

  • We are five community members who are elected to help the school district (our school district is FPBS & JLCS)
  • We are not paid; we are volunteers
  • Grown ups from Bellerose Terrace, Bellerose Village & Floral Park vote for the Board of Education
  • We serve for three years at a time
  • To run for the Board of Ed, someone must at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States and live in our school community for at least thirty days

    What does the Board of Education do?

  • We help take care of you, your teachers & all the staff in your school, and our community
  • Two of our biggest jobs are
    • Setting policy (the rules we are expected to follow at school)
    • Setting curriculum (what you learn at school)
  • We meet and vote in public so you or anyone can watch and listen
  • We act through resolution, that means we talk and then we vote—majority wins (3 or more)
  • We answer questions from our community about our school district
    • After our meetings we save time to hear from our community member
  • Like you, we have homework
    • Every new board member takes a class to learn what the Board of Education is all about and how the local board of education works with local government and the state of New York
    • Board members who have been serving a while are consistently offered classes, called workshops or conferences, to go to and learn more about the world of education and how to keep helping kids
  • We love to visit the schools—seeing all of you students is what makes volunteering our time worthwhile.

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