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Staff Directory

Floral Park-Bellerose District

Directory of district-level Floral Park-Bellerose UFSD staff.

Central Administration
(Interim Superintendent)
(Secretary to the Superintendent)

Assistant Superintendents
(Assistant Superintendent for Business)
(Interim Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction)

(Director of Special Education)
(Director of Curriculum & Instructional Technology)

(District Clerk)
(Secretary to Asst. Supt. for Business)

(Food Service)
(Network Administrator)

(CSE Office)

(Accounting/Payroll Supervisor)
(Transportation Supervisor)


(Facilities Director)
(CSE Office)

(Business Manager)

(CSE Office)

Our Schools/Buildings

Floral Park-Bellerose District
Floral Park-Bellerose School
John Lewis Childs School